Topotees The Bones of The Earth

How We Got Started

I LOVE maps. I inherited a small collection of antique topographic maps of the Adirondack Mountains. As a 4th generation native, I also inherited an intense love for the mountains and their forests, lakes and streams.  The topos fascinate me with their curving, undulating lines, like polished agates. The Adirondacks have some of the oldest rocks in the world. They have taken millions of years of ice bearing down on them, grinding and polishing them until they are the craggy undulating sea of green and exposed rock that we love. If you are wading in an Adirondack lake, and look down at the sand, you will see that the waves have sculpted the same undulating pattern on the bottom of the lake that is in the mountains above you. When I was living away from home, I was decorating my apartment walls with the topos, and an idea struck me; I could wear these maps anywhere! So topo t-shirts was born. I use 1953, 1954, 1955, 1898 and 1901 topographic maps no longer in print, select places that people visit every year and love, add some touches, and voila! you can buy a shirt that shows everyone where you spent your summer vacation, right down to the island you camped on. As a Raquette Laker, I am prejudiced to think that Raquette Lake is the most beautiful lake in the world, and its outline became my very first shirt, and a best seller. And my logo.
But I love the rest of the country too, and I have branched out. Stay tuned as I add hundreds more map sections.

We give 2% of profits to charity, including, but not limited to: ASPCA, St. Jude's Hospitals for Children, The Nature Conservancy, The Adirondack Land Trust, HSUS, Bat Conservation International, Southern Environmental Law Center, & ANCA.